Be Mindful.

with Yoga with Mandee


Hi, my name is Mandee. 🙂

When I first tried yoga, I didn’t like it.

I felt like a twisted up pretzel in a room full of quiet and serious people. (awkward, right?)

But I felt better afterwards, so I kept going back.

And now I love it.

I grew to love it so much that I became a Yoga Teacher to share the benefits of yoga with my students and community – as stress relief, a reason to pause in the hustle-bustle busy way of life, for exercise, strength & flexibility, as a good cross-training method paired with running and other sports, as a spiritual practice, to become more mindful, and to just

b r e a t h e.

What happens on the mat extends into everyday well-being and into a healthy lifestyle.

It is a practice for everyone.

No matter how new you are to yoga, how long you may have been away from your practice, how inflexible you may be, how old or young you are, how much you weigh, how in- or out- of shape you may be, your mat accepts you as you are.  No judgment.

I offer:

o Private Yoga Sessions – In-Home One-on-One yoga sessions. Looking for a yoga practice tailored to your specific needs? I teach:

  • vinyasa for strength/exercise
  • power yoga for exercise/weight loss
  • gentle flow for movement/breathing/stretching
  • restorative for relaxation/recharging/stretching, and
  • yin for meditative/relaxation/stretching/joints & fascia focus

I only work with those who are ready to commit to making a change to become healthier. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It occurs over time. You’ll learn how to get into a routine by working with me!

Choose an option below:

o Monthly Programs:

  • Ready to make a commitment for change? See your best results by creating a routine for stress-management and exercise.

3-month Program, 5 Classes each Month: $400/mo ($80/class)

1-month Program, 5 Classes: $450/mo ($90/class)

Single Session (60-min): $115

  • Does your busy lifestyle get in the way of spending time with your husband, wife, kids and friends? Multitask! Relax, work out, AND maintain relationships. 

Monthly Program, Group of 2: $35/person per Class, Minimum of 3 Classes/mo

  • Not sure if you are ready to make a commitment? Inquire to schedule a single session. e-mail:

o Mommy and Me Yoga – A class designed to help working moms get exercise and relax too! Get some friends together and pick whose house you will host the class at. Bring your little one(s) and do yoga together for the first half of class, then the little ones have playtime while the moms finish class with a Gentle Flow and relaxation time.

60-minute Session: $15/Mommy (4 Mommy minimum per Class)


o Online Yoga Sessions (Personalized LIVE Session or Recorded Video) – Stuck at home? in a hotel room on business or vacation? Yoga is still an option!

60-minute Session: $55


o Personal Training Yoga (PTY) Fusion – A 30-minute Personal Training Session with Reuben Wouch followed by a 30-minute Restorative Yoga Session with Mandee Metzger at Aspiring Champions in King of Prussia, PA. PTY Fusion is a combined session of Personal Training that will help build muscle and reduce body fat and Restorative Yoga that will help relieve pain, increase flexibility and decrease stress. Inquire here or sign up on Reuben’s website –

60-minute PTY Session: Please inquire for pricing.


o Yoga Corporate Events – Want to host a healthy & relaxing event for your employees or clients? (Don’t just treat them with luncheons and food). Treat them WELL! Help them be healthy. Includes Yoga Session, Aromatherapy and Tea Time.

Pricing contingent upon request.


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