Struggle is Real, I Know

Struggle is real, I know. As a yoga teacher I have been able to play a role as an observer of the connection of humanity. Everyone is there struggling in some way or another on their mat. I see some struggling in different poses, some struggling with the same poses, and some have beautiful, well-aligned poses and are completely in ease in the pose.. but they are struggling mentally or emotionally. It brings me a sense of deeper love and compassion for my students, for all of humanity, all individuals with their differences coming together as one. So many times my heart bubbles up with so much warmth and love that I just want to go around the room and give each person a huge hug and let them know it will be okay, and that everything eventually changes. Eventually I will call the next pose, and the student’s struggle from the one they are currently struggling in will shift to something new, a new experience in a different pose. And we take that into our own lives off of the mat to connect to the universal theme of struggle. Each person struggles in their own way but you know the struggle is there, whether or not you can visibly see it. Those rocky roads of today will lead to a smooth path into tomorrow and then eventually back to a rocky road and so on. Struggle is real. On and off the mat. But change is constant.

– mandee m.


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