Virtual Meditation Group, Want to Join?

So I’m about to get real here. I really am not good at just sitting in meditation. You know why? Because I barely ever get there. I don’t sit. I make excuses. I wake up too late in the morning {plus I’m not a morning person😴, and my stomach is rumbling at me as soon as I wake up🌅, and then the pets need fed🐶🐱🐹🐤..but first coffee ☕️..} and then I’m too tired at night🌌💤 {but really I’m procrastinating on laying down for bed so I do everything else OTHER than sit still..🛏.. and then I get into bed 🛌 and start reading a book 📚 WHICH is relaxing, but it’s not meditation}…. You see how this goes? But I know I need it, for all of these reasons plus more. 
SO I am proposing an idea💡: Who wants to meditate with me, virtually?? I’d love to start by having an Info Session call for those of you who are curious about meditation- you heard it’s good for you, but don’t know where to start or how to do it. I’m here to answer those questions. We’ll even try a short guided meditation at the end. 

And then after that, let’s begin a meditate•with•me Meditation Group to join together {quietly} and to hold each other accountable for sitting still. All virtual, by dialing in, so you can sit in your own home, or wherever you are. 🙃

Sooo who’s in?? 🙂🙏🏻 Sign up by e-mailing, and let me know what Info Session time slot works best for you: 

  • Fri 8/11 @ noon
  • Sun 8/13 @ 8pm, or 
  • Mon 8/14 @ 7am. 

Can’t make these sessions but are still interested? E-mail and let me know!

The meditate•with•me Meditation Group will begin in September.



✨Read more HERE to learn more about Be Simple Be Healthy, LLC.


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