Negative to Positive

How many times do you find yourself being negative?

You say something mean to someone, you criticize yourself, you are doubtful about something, you are upset about something not going your way.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘turn that frown upside down’. So do that with your thinking. Thinking negatively? Well, turn it into a positive! Take the negative statement and turn it into something good, kind, or happy. 

Such as: 

  1. Negative:😡”I can’t believe they messed up my order!”
  2. Positive:☺️”I guess I’m meant to try something new today.” 
  1. Negative: 😡”UGH traffic!!!!!”
  2. Positive: ☺️”I’m supposed to slow down now and breathe.”
  1. Negative: 😡”That difficult customer…” 
  2. Positive: ☺️”They are teaching me patience and non-reaction.” 
  1. Negative: 😡”I missed the road I was supposed to turn onto and now I’m lost!” 
  2. Positive: ☺️”Let’s see where this road leads me to. Maybe I’ll find something new to explore.” 



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