What I Learned From My Grocery Trip Today

I didn’t bring lunch to work today because I woke up late this morning and didn’t have time to pack it. So I took a walk to Trader Joe’s during my lunch break. 

I was well aware that I picked out “the most random assortment of foods” as I told the guy who rung up these four food choices at the cash register. As I was walking back to the office, I thought, “Why did I actually just buy what I did.. what was the REAL reason..” 

As you can see, I craved a healthy salad 🥗, avocados because, well.. you know my latest obsession that I just can’t live without 🥑🥑❤️.. and cookies AND chocolate biscottis…. yikes! 😬 

I notice that I crave sugar to help keep me going and to give me that extra boost of energy when I’m sleepy, and considering my food choices today, that’s exactly what I needed. I went to bed late last night.😣 Which lead me to waking up late, which lead to not packing my usual healthy lunch, which lead me to being tired, which lead me to sugar-filled foods to help keep me going. See the connection? 

Does anyone else notice they go for sugar to help fuel them after a sleepless night? 

Let’s go to bed early tonight people. Sleep well & good night. 😴



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