Finding Stress Relief in a Busy & Stressful World

We live in a world that never stops.

The hustle-bustle lifestyle – constant doing, rushing around, juggling many different things – has become norm.  A mindset where productivity means no breaks.

It causes stress, tension in the body, overwhelm and burnout.

So what can we do? How do we get relief?

The key is to

s l o w  d o w n.

But how do we slow down when everything else seems fast?

Here are some tips –

Rest.  Take breaks. Get away from your desk, whether that means a short walk outside or even around your office.

Sleep.  We know we all pretty much lack it. You have to finish just one more thing before you can allow yourself to go to bed.. and before you know it, it’s two hours after you told yourself you were going to go to bed. Then, when you finally lay down in bed, your mind is racing, and, you just. can’t. sleep. You were already exhausted and now you are beyond exhausted. We can all use more sleep. Set an alarm on your phone, a bedtime reminder, and stick to it.

Breathe.  The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for allowing you to relax and can be activated by just being aware of your breath. Notice if you are only breathing into your chest. Well, we only breathe into our chest when we are stressed and feeling tension. Breathe all the way into the belly with nice, long, steady breaths.

Try this: Place one hand on the belly. Inhale (Count of 4-3-2-1). Exhale (Count of 4-3-2-1). Repeat x 3. Do you feel the belly rising and falling? Do you feel less stressed and more focused after taking steady breaths?

Self Care.  Find space for you. Allow time (schedule it if you have to) for relaxing activities that you can do for the mind and for just enjoying the moment. Stay away from things that are stimulating. Yoga, a bath, reading, walking in nature, meditation, or a massage are some things you can do to relax. Find what works for you.

We push ourselves too hard. Slow down, bring awareness into your daily life, create space for you, and know that what you do is enough.


Hugs & Love,


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