The Face Behind Be Simple Be Healthy LLC: Meet Mandee Metzger

Mandee has had a passion for health, wellness and nutrition for over 15 years, beginning in grade school when she would pick up books to read like “Eat, Drink, & be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating” by Dr. Walter Willett.

Mandee’s “be simple be healthy” philosophy of nutrition and healthy lifestyle has evolved as she experimented and learned what works for her own body over the years to keep her weight stable and to make her feeling her best. The key: simplicity! Mandee doesn’t believe in dieting, but believes in making small lifestyle changes that leads to weight loss/maintenance and overall healthy well-being.

She was first introduced to yoga through an 11th grade field trip but didn’t make yoga a regular practice until years later when she started to train for the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon and noticed the benefits it had for the physical and mental body.

If she’s not teaching yoga, working with clients, making Scentea Organic Skincare body scrubs and bath salts, or learning, you can find her with her 4 pets (a French bulldog, cat, guinea pig and parakeet), drinking coffee or tea at a local cafe, adventuring outdoors, reading, traveling, or spending time at the gym, Target or Wegmans. 😊

She has completed certifications through: Dana Hot Yoga, Rolf Gates, Integral Yoga Institute NYC, Himalayan Institute, Transformation Yoga Project, & Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Read more HERE to learn more about Be Simple Be Healthy.


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