Running & Yoga, Part 1: How I Found Yoga Through Running

I actually started my regular yoga practice while training for the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon. It started as a means of cross-training, for the physical body. My lack of stretching and proper training for my first race, the Broad Street Run 10-miler, in 2011 resulted in 2 straight weeks of knee pain from a very tight iliotibial (IT) band and hamstrings. Lack of self-care, right? And my body suffered.

I knew that if I wanted to complete this marathon, I needed to take care of my body. I needed to train, I needed to stretch, I needed to eat properly. 

So I found a running schedule that worked for me; I used’s 16-Week Marathon Training Schedule. I took up a regular yoga practice. And I started to eat more whole foods, be mindful of those foods that made me feel good or didn’t feel good while running, and listen to my body’s cravings. I started to crave milk during long runs, without even doing research about why milk can be great for replenishing the body after running.

I completed the marathon and felt great while running it, but, afterwards I fell deeper into my yoga practice as I was curious about the benefits I’ve received from it during my cross-training. So much that I became a yoga teacher. My running story expanded from there.

– mandee m.

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