Lunch Break with Flat Stanley

I had a walking buddy during my lunch break this week! If you have kids, you might recognize this little guy as Flat Stanley. He traveled all the way from Texas to visit some places around Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA. I realized three things while helping out with this project: 

*1. I had a mission to take pictures around Philly with Flat Stanley and wow, did I walk far to get to those destinations (without actually thinking about exercising)! 

*2. Having a buddy (whether a friend.. or Flat Stanley) gave me a reason to get out and walk. It kept me committed (even on this dreary, drizzly day when I normally would resort to sitting at my desk through break). & 

*3. It feels so good to be like a kid again!! It was fun, got my mind off of work, got some exercise in, and cleared my mind so I felt refreshed and ready to tackle anything after my lunch break.
– mandee m.


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