Yikes! A Picture of Your Mind?

If you could ever draw your mind, would it look like this? Do you ever go-go-go and just can’t force yourself to stop? I had one of the busiest and craziest weeks last week- Beginning with getting sick, digging my car out of snow and ice from a snow storm, AND a busy work week- on top of the usual daily life chores, upkeep of my living space, taking care of my four pets, maintaining relationships with friends & family, studying, and the list goes on.. This week I focused on self care. I slowed down by taking a bath in detoxifying ginger and epsom salts. I sipped on tea. I made time to sit down and read a book at night before bed. Oh, and I made sure I got a good night’s rest. What do you do to help yourself slow down when life gets crazy?

– mandee m.



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