Self Care Sundays: When You’re Sick, How to Feel Better – Quickly & Naturally

Last weekend I had a date with my couch. By evening on Saturday, I felt like a car hit me, was fighting a sore throat, had a bit of a fever, and had a migraine, which also made me feel nauseas. I got nothing done. My huge Things To Do List got nixed. Basically, my world stopped. And I rested.

What do I do to help me feel better and get back on track when I get sick?

Considering I’m not a fan of taking medication (this started early on at a young age for me but for the reason of just not liking to swallow pills, and not liking the children’s grape chewable Tylenol tabs my mom would offer me as an alternative), I have found other options that are more pure, more holistic and make me feel better by aiding my immune system instead of masking the symptoms. These are the five key things that I do:

  1. Rest. Be aware of when your body is starting to experience those first signs of illness and take it easy.
  2. Essential oils in my diffuser. I LOVE the Rocky Mountain Oils singles and blends that you can order at; Over a year now that I’ve been ordering from them – Great company and quality (AND!) free shipping and fast delivery. This time I went with a few drops each of their Breathe Ease blend and Immune Strength blend. I’ve found Peppermint is also helpful for upper respiratory issues (runny/stuffy noses, cough, extra mucous) and Lavender can help you relax and sleep more peacefully. And when the migraine came on, I immediately started diffusing their Migraine Relief blend.
  3. Hydrate. With water and tea; This is a time when I lay off of the caffeine with no exceptions – no coffee when I’m sick. I like drinking peppermint tea, green tea, chamomile tea, lemon ginger tea, or hot lemon water with some local raw honey.
  4. Lots of fruits & veggies! Less carbs and sugar. Nice big salads with dark leafy greens, cooked/steamed veggies, colorful fruit.
  5. Plenty of sleep. Make sure you get at least those 7-8 hours of sleep; Going to bed early is also usually helpful.

I was back to normal and running a couple miles at the gym by Monday. 🙂

– mandee m.


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