Simple Saturdays: Send a Letter

It’s that time of year where we are all sending and receiving holiday cards in the mail. While picking up an envelope as I walked through the door yesterday, addressed to me by my cousin with a holiday card in it, it hit me that we no longer send letters anymore. These things only come through the mail on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. And most likely most communication at a distance is now done via text messages, Facebook messaging, e-mail or some other electronic form of communication. Sometimes phone calls, but we don’t seem to have much time for that anymore either.

The fast-paced world has allowed everything to be at our finger tips. Okay yeah, it’s convenient, but it doesn’t seem to be making people any happier and you lose that personal connection. The font from one person comes through just as the next person. No handwriting, no voice, no physical form.

Let’s take a moment to go back in time when we didn’t have those electronics. There is something special about getting something small and thoughtful in the mail like a letter (plus it’s way better than the ads and the bills that usually dominate and make getting the mail seem like a chore).

A little glimmer of light, a little thought can go a long way. Something as simple as writing some words on a piece of paper, sticking it in an envelope with a stamp on it and sending it on its way.

I’m going to put this into action throughout 2017; Check your mailboxes! Some of you may just be getting some mail from me. For no particular reason and on no particular occasion. 🙂

– mandee m.



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