Why Be Simple?

Hello there. 🙂 So why ‘be simple’? It’s part of the name of my business and also one of my core values. So what makes simple so awesome?

A biggie- less S T R E SS! ahhhh. Go ahead, big sigh!  Being difficult creates tension, a big obstacle in your path, mountains to climb and usually involves an expectation or attachment that you cling on to. Turn difficult into simple and you release all of these things.

Take baby steps. One step at a time. Many people feel overwhelmed looking at the big picture of everything that needs to get done these days with no time to pause, reflect or breathe. Breaking large things down into smaller ones makes your life simple, less overwhelming, and it makes you feel more productive as you make progress one tiny task at a time.

Learn to appreciate the small things and you will be filled with so much more gratitude which makes for a brighter day.

Oh and guess what? My blogs are also going to be fairly short and sweet and right to the point. Simple. No rambling. No extra chatter for that most likely already chatty mind of yours. You have enough stimulation from the outside world, so much food for thought to digest, and I recognize that.

Check in weekly for little tips on ways to bring Simpleness to your Saturdays (and hopefully into the rest of your week too!) 🙂

If you want more info about a topic I post? Well then, ask me! Reach out and let’s chat 🙂

Until next time!

– mandee m. 





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