On Yoga Therapy: Forward Head Posture (FHP), aka ‘Text Neck’- Start Looking Up!

Take a look at the posture in this photo. This is called Forward Head Posture (FHP) or ‘Text Neck’ and it tends to affect individuals who experience increased levels of mental stress, prolonged sitting (particularly those with high stress levels who work behind a desk and those sitting with poor posture), as well as individuals engaged in excessive pushing movements and consistent carrying of a heavy backpack or purse on one shoulder.

The ears, shoulders and hips should be aligned to demonstrate good posture. And if they’re not?

Every inch your head extends forward adds about 10 lbs of weight to your neck, shoulders, back and spine. Among a list of issues, it can cause headaches, tissue damage, and tightness in the upper shoulders as FHP is usually accompanied by rounding of the shoulders and upper back which creates a good deal of tension.

It’s a modern society problem.

The good thing is yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing) exercises can help you correct this posture and create awareness for looking up instead of down!

Think about all of those times you look down at your phone, keyboard, book or magazine, and the ground while walking.

Why the trees in the picture? Because we need to start looking up!

On a Yoga Therapy retreat in September, a group of us were hiking along a trail and paused when we heard a loud “crack” and “snap!” as a very large tree branch split and plummeted from high above. It just so happened that this occurred shortly after a class discussion about this posture.

Just another reason to look UP!

– mandee m. 


Want more info about this topic? Or ways to correct this posture? Let’s connect! Fill out an inquiry form on besimplebehealthy.com/yoga -or- message me on Instagram @ besimplebehealthy or Facebook on the Be Simple Be Healthy LLC page.

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