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Virtual Meditation Group, Want to Join?

So I’m about to get real here. I really am not good at just sitting in meditation. You know why? Because I barely ever get there. I don’t sit. I make excuses. I wake up too late in the morning {plus I’m not a morning person😴, and my stomach is rumbling at me as soon… Continue reading Virtual Meditation Group, Want to Join?

CoffEE with MandEE Podcast Ep. #5 – What You Resist Will Persist

Did you get a chance to tune into CoffEE with MandEE – A Healthy Conversation Podcast’s newest episode? Episode #5 was released this morning at 6 am ET.  What You Resist Will Persist. This one is about those things we tend to resist. Did you ever take a moment to think about why we resist… Continue reading CoffEE with MandEE Podcast Ep. #5 – What You Resist Will Persist

How I Choose to Slow Down

I’m making it a point to create space to relax and take it easy today. I’ve been on the go and pushing hard non-stop the last couple of weeks, and I’m learning if you don’t make space to slow down, it just doesn’t happen. Started my day with some journaling, sun salutations at home on… Continue reading How I Choose to Slow Down

Negative to Positive

How many times do you find yourself being negative? You say something mean to someone, you criticize yourself, you are doubtful about something, you are upset about something not going your way. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘turn that frown upside down’. So do that with your thinking. Thinking negatively? Well, turn it into a… Continue reading Negative to Positive