Are you SO overwhelmed with that Busy Lifestyle of yours?



This was the 1st step to take to start making a change.


We’ve crossed paths for a reason. I’ve been there too and still ride the waves of struggle while trying to stay afloat with the hustle-bustle busy way of life, so I know exactly how it feels.

It’s like you are playing tug-of-war with time, sleep, productivity, life commitments, and.. self care? Does that even exist?

Being so overwhelmed, how can you even find time to relax? Your mind is chatty or fried. You have a huge, never-ending To-Do List. And you are   

e x h a u s t e d.

How do you fit it all in and also find time to be healthy?

That’s what I’m here to help you with.


Be Simple Be Healthy LLC is a Health Coach and Yoga consulting practice specializing in working 1-on-1 with people with Busy Lifestyles {like you!} to become healthier and to live a happier, more manageable lifestyle. I know that time is limited and energy runs low, so I’m here to simplify things for you!

Here is how I will do that & What I have to Offer:

  • Health Coach consults will be done by telephone to fit your busy schedule and limited time. And we’ll take baby steps with working on a couple tips at a time to not overwhelm you even more. This way you can FEEL and BE successful without that added pressure. 
  • Yoga Sessions will tune into what you need that day- mentally & physically. And no driving anywhere. Stay home, I come to you!
  • Community & Group Events will be fun and stress-free.
  • Blogs & Podcast Episodes will be short.
  • Recipes will be simple.

I respect your time.


Be Simple Be Healthy is based out of Lancaster, PA, and visits Yoga clients in Lancaster and Center City Philadelphia. Online yoga consults are available for long-distance clients outside of these regions. Health Coach consults are done by telephone. Be Simple Be Healthy‘s goal is to teach and support you in eventually feeling comfortable, confident and educated enough to begin to weave these practices into your daily routine on your own.



Be Simple Be Healthy LLC is also making skincare simple for you! Scentea Organic Skincare is a handcrafted, small-batch skincare line made with organic + natural ingredients with tea-inspired scents. Made in Lancaster County.



Created by me, Mandee Metzger, – a motivator and advocate of exercise, yoga teacher, health coach, DIY’er, and lover of all simple things – Be Simple Be Healthy LLC and Scentea Organic Skincare were founded on the basis that good health and well-being is attainable to all. And hey, guess what? It doesn’t need to be complicated. I’m here to help make health simple for you!


Services Offered:

~ Yoga – In-Home Private and Group sessions tailored to you. img_2940Also check out the Events page for Community Events & Workshops!

• I specialize in helping yoga clients with: Beginners Yoga, Back Pain, Arthritis, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Stress, Hypertension, Meditation

~ Health Coaching Consults weaving in Integrative Nutrition and Ayurvedic techniques for self-healing – One-on-one telephone consults to help coach you into better health and a happier, more manageable lifestyle. The initial consult is FREE- sign up on the Health Coach Consults page.

•I specialize in helping clients with: Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, Stress, Weight Loss, Exercise Motivation

~ Scentea Organic Skincare – Handcrafted, small-batch, skincare line made with tea-inspired scents using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, organic herbs and ingredients.

~ CoffEE with MandEE – A Healthy Conversation Podcast – Tune in on the Podcast page every Monday morning with your cup of coffee at 6 am ET for a new episode about healthy topics, simple tips and tricks, recipes, mindful thoughts, PLUS more!

Copyright © 2016-2017 Be Simple Be Healthy LLC. All rights reserved.


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